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1: Introductions


Welcome to the Dundeecast! Dundee Culture's new official podcast series!

Host Andrew Batchelor introduces the new Dundeecast podcast - by Dundee Culture. Discussing the topics that will be featured on the podcast when it officially begins soon!

ATHERE welcome to the Dundee castDundey, culture's new official PORDCAST, continuing on from the Dunde CulturePocaster we srashed yer and my name 's Anderbarthu, I'm the Phono duntecultureand I'm here to talk to you about all things Dundee and it's something thatI've wanted to do for a long time, and I have do fro me old topod casts whichihave done, but now I'm iwanted to do as part of a new thing. I want to dofor Dundi culture and so Imreebryanten, the undeculture Portcast Anto Dundecast,and I something that I feel like would be quite good, because I want t haveconversations with the city, people from Dundee people who are doing a lotof good things and Tendi, and also it gives me Somei to do din condemnedbecause the Wa things are caused at the moment and does just now a lot ofthings going on in terms of like ISS someg. To do so. This is someone I toltwould be quite important. So dendicast is something where I can talk aboutDundee and talk a Warbol, the meas and stuff in the city and also somethingpositivh. I would say during thisthis...

...uncertain time- and you know justbecause I want to beportetive about stuff, so there's a lot of things to goon for what I could potentially do. So, if is Juspei an introduction to what Iwant to do, I am to promote thanthe end and there's so many things to discussas of their recording wouldbepinin three episodes. What I can do and I'mhoping to to sto it slorely by myself for just now, but as time goes onhopeful bringing more guests and and it's just twwork or ot, becauseoriginally be th before the pineceven started. I asked You apine to dodundecast Qip airlyon cause. It was ocince September, twent, N NineteenBuht. Unfortunately, because of what's happened, O the GVN team Pan An tem candue to personal circumstances that was onhold. So now as part of this newthing that I want to do, anddue to the... parentsn, the depositive pod cast mat what you know kind of get on board and do my own thing and bring backdundecast to proper audience. Youll just give something out to bring pot ofandjoin. Maybe just talk about fordundee and that'swhat Dunde caster will be all about, and originally it was kind of an ideathat was going to tie in with other things reallnto. My business say thethings which IAM going to discuss in future apisodes and but I'm hoping tomake this a good pot caste and make it good for everyone. Les, then, becausethere's awataposser things to say about than te mean and when I started doingdendeculture, it was not really something that I wanted to n expect togo on to. Where is no, so I'm hoping that something will come in to you knowmaking this some more efficient thing to do, because, hopefully I ants to pinDA mcans I'm hoping to go back into my... I start recording episodeswithfcoming to most of you and recording eppods with me and hopefullyas soon as possible, but also caten. We canguarantee stuff right now, becauseLt everything's lockdown, where stole kind of recovering from what we couldbe going to a second wave, its all these things that put into the Mex thatcould potentially happen and make an effect on dendeculture. Because,actually so many things have been affected, deculpture too, and alsoteen's affected ty everything, but for Dunticulture I mean I can't go into mystudios. U To some personal circumstances, an with n stuff, that'sgoing on at home, andturin family. Moving about all that ND and there'salso stuff reway into m Me Dong, woken and Don porcast, which I am no able todo and and something I as well. Wentto...

Coren content with accessibility, Whi,H, sholl come and ton the future sort to discuss O, there's, Aal things totalk about Inundee and talk about than deculture as well, and there's always agood pouse of conversition to haven, mand, hopen th, with Thi Port CAS. Ican create something that is unique to everyone that can be entertaining thatcan be. excitten can be amazing. I I want to make it a good pocast, or thisis just r an introduction of what the kind of things you could expect sawstuff like talking about arts, music, Cultura of ants, maybe even footballsport thatas not really been talked about an and detook culture, buthopefully soon we can get maybe stuff on night and time and one of the thingsI have always said during my time. Dundundeculture is no politics. I donot Waniv in poitics into the mix, because de cultures for everyone, noMari report, calingment so is all...

...positivity and lovendand and Youo justhaving a good time discussing about this Amesay because Iwas on my opinionhere, but Dundi is the Bess, a ins this country, but and that's what I'm hopingToc Ento this polcast Ar shocase. Why dunde is an amazing place to beamusmant place to live and Auseplase to work and also amusine place, O visit?So as all these duff and factors that what to make into this portcast topromote Dunde and to promote the things that Gand and De Talk Wot people whoare doing Amuzan, thins and DND, so ats whepopentinor get into that M. get intothat part of doing this portcast. So Yeas O. I'm looking forward to see whathappens and I'm looking forward to EONFIRSIAEPISODE.

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