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16: Demi McMahon


In this New Year special, Andrew talks with Demi McMahon who talks about her love for singing and music and how it has inspired to become a singer-songwriter and what the process is like making music!

Hello and welcome to Dundee cast. Myname is Andrew Batchor and it's great to Hovvy here. This is a boadcast toshowcase dunde and its people and their inspiring stories, and I am lookingforward to speaking to a lot of new people in the snaket of episodes, andtoday we speak to Demi mcman she's, a health cure assistant, but she's also asinger as well, and she's delicated, her wife to upen others and also helphimg people by entertaining them and having a lot of passion for music. Sheis an incredible young woman who is doing amasing things, so I'm delightedto Hover on the podcast. That was her soul, which is called try by her andalso Aldio funk and I'm glad to tover on the podcast Tothay, so hol dammy. Iwas one to ask you explain who you are and what you do. MyName's Dami mcmahanna sang an song right and I also work in AU, local,hospital, mangbal saucebarls, a health kisistant as well and yeah. That's areally yeah an I'll. Do Lots of EGS and real well normal times, but obviouslyjust lo I've been doing vertual, gigs and lot of charty events online andstuff like that, so yeah, and also working as a healcare Sistan Ming BaleStill Dur Ne Seral Times. What got you into doing music? Whatfrom a young age I'm guest and you wok? What was your music influences and whatgot yourself into music andto doing what you want to do? Yeah? Well, when Iwas like reall young, like eight years old, I used to like go and see likedefferente shows and stuff like that, and then I like listen to a lot of signers Wyou, knowlike on like the patamines and the shows and talent shows, and I've alsolike growin up with a lot of Mus like now my mom and dad. Obviously DevhiySongsto like that. Like Maiacardi Bou, the Hoston, I Nexsar, the Boll Marleyand iverbing like that, so I've always like being autonte music influences andand if always, just loved like singing from a young Asiona like around thehouse, Lik started Goff in the house, then it just went on to Leagu, tallent,sho skill, town shows and onto that like EGS, and just like Wat like thatyeah I just kept coing I'm going to Quak yeah yeah, so that's Kett, coolyeah, just always love music from a young age, and I always think like justOL little your passion and just do whut. You want to do and what you believe youwant to do, and that's e's like a lot of me seconds thing: andts, Al Yeah,and was it in school that you kind of start as seeing like started? Did yougo and study music in school or what woul? What did you do? Because,obviously you say that you've, you eyou love music from a young age like whatwas it like when you went to school. Did you study music? What was what wassoff it as like for like before Plaid Scol? I remember that's, really reallyfun about, but Ada Ban Bo going to see like Caucas, no mom and dad likecustomer shows and like just random tallchasand I used to be Li. I was evenbefore play wit, Schil thinking to myself. Oh, I want to do that. I lovemusic and Siing no Yeau and I feel like tha emotion. You know like peoplepursue across like no bother music and singing. I as thought like I'd love todo that, because I love an I motian you fiel Jon Singand, and then I went toplamoty school and would always have like no talent. She was like throughthe summer or Christmas kand o the usual times and I'd like say. Oh, can Ilike saying a song and then they'd be like yeah and then feel on a got. Youknow like from segond on the stage I alwas like felt like. Oh, I love doingthis and love seeing like people being like connected to the song and themusic and like second kind of thing and from ther, and I always thought al.This is what I want to really do as like saying and Pon shows for peopleand always like pet t that message across the people no like through musicand sengond o yeah. What is ha process... for for rating music and is it isa is your own different way? Is T easy? Is it hard? What's it like? Sometimes Iall like dependnds on what kind of song, or what can I like emotions, you're going throug, not Ku,be like happy and an you kin' like a know like Ok can, as Chi Ge hear so yoube like Dud d, do and then I wel like Cov that and my head. Then I would likerecord that and then I would kind of put o play like Acustic Guitar, likeI'm, not a guitarist but ill play. ACUSIC guitar and, like I put that onto the guitar, and then I start like thinking so I'll, do like that'll beReuh on the GATARK ANA thing then, I would put you know like ledics and themale of the econym mor stronger together kind of thing just go fromthere, yeah or sometimes like out to your cord, while a few corts on theguitar and like words ill just come to be kind of thing. Yeah, it just dependsyeah some of your music that you've you've released M, and I know youvreaised music earlier this year, which one of the songs that you made was allabout. You know Westan done these spirits op during the pandemic, becausewe were in the airlay stages of the pandemic back an night march and Apriland like what was what was special but right in that I mean- and you know Iknow that you've just said your healthcare assistant as well, and a La Etame. Did you get that? Did youhave that inspiration as healthcare assistant? You know because you'reworking you're, recking Wasin e hospital that Song Toay. I actuallybrought that two years ago, so I might be like an ar psychic mess or somethingbut but anm, while she just like sat on the song for the ages and paing e follor wouldn't be a good time to release ike anything and we just kind of Donwith one thing: more done. Other songs of the DG ev don their own kind ofsongs and gigs and stuff, and then, when the Pandoma excitely happened, wethought well went back to that. Song, though go that's all weird, like thewords on that as like try and it's like. What's going on in the world, just nokkind of thing, so astuall fed and a weird Ra to like, what's happening ente well know like people tying their bas and stuff like that, and also heworking an healthy as well. It's also like really hard. You know just becausepandemral times stay strong and trying be there for the patients as much as agood, because also they can't get the visitors- and you know like the goodunusual tines and that sor of I thought, Ohl we're going to like Telisat Sov andalso like put the money from people in or people sheamd, that kind of thing andthen puting money to washing ore portals. It's like an IPAD Kand ofthing yeah that was a patiens tarly Kem in contact with a Ral Iwas during thisveal times, so hat all happy wit that sounas good. So I was like Wen whenyou're like Listin, your music, also helpin a lot of people as Welso Tas,Bik, Gi e H and try. If something that is that I feel it's quite specialbecause, like you see it's seeing, is you've obviously written this a fewyears before the pindemic. It's quite ISIT's. Quite I remarkablethat it Ffectsin what's n and it's really it's really interestingand maybe you know see how you know: Rit Ind rating that do you feel likewhen, when you wrote that you think Al this is going to be something t mightbe that make Comin Handy. So when you, when you started driting the song, whatyou didn't think, obviously, if you in the POCIFAC wher were in now what waswhat was o Wak Great in that Song I mean what inspiration did you have fromthat, so en Jema astually thought about? You know people actually trying ingeneral, like try and just like wet people, try and get welland different kind of circumstance. People try and get a NEU DAW people trytheir best to be there. PAROT other people, People Tryin, K, ow, likeOlbural, was like time re best. I'm like life fel. Most of us are Shain herbest and life and stuff like that. So I kind have thought that is fal. Andbalso people, likeespecially unkired, you see, people are quite sad and downans like that, andthen generals well so e time like left them up and like Gisto them. UPINS FOlike that. So that's kind that won the Boardes feel like Knok, Gou, Downa D,lift you up... the groud kind of thing like yes,we're trying to like left people up as mail and people trying their base, andI think yeah. Hopefully that comes co O, but yeah your passion for rihting music,it seems comes across o me is very special. It's quite nice and it'sobviously it's not just the rating that you do as well, because what I'vewhatve research is that you've also done a lot of carry okay youere namedTe Fannos in the role Karaoki Championships. What made you want to doKaraoke and and see like and fial get into this position where you're namedto finalist in this in this championship, I seen that like oon linesin like UK championship competition kind of thing, so I applied fo itbecause igain it's like sin. An s like that and plus I said, ont like it's notlike for wo thet you go T CADOO can have a fun time, just ded like Gonothing, but this was actually for people, t actually love singing and like pobepassion for music. So I thought, but that's ging, O Bout Thas me. So I waslike iaply for that and just like see what happens o Ha to send the watovedels, and I just kind of like a proceing like next tous next tge Gin. Ithink you're getting jodged Tan people like fod from me, which I'm so gratefulfor because it's a lot of peol from Dundi to o back down. Puto all of Yousand theyre go an Anbogo Calo. So then, when I've got to like the final andthen the judges were Seei'g like Oh, that's, fom, Lyke, fourty, four sand,people from the UK and then took it to the final was amazing kind of thing,because I was like thinking. Oh Woworlonan people like ow, and youdon't expect that you just think. Oh you just going to follow your passiongo for it just see what happens going. I think, because I also can't do feellike exjut now so gai n. It was like another platform like a virtual kind ofGecaus. Tell he wel ops, Tayy, kill yeah. Then you got to meet peoplepindivectually as well like different kind of singers and Atkay good fun, thecoveting team pandemic as well. You said: You've done a lot of virtual gegshow's. That worked, I mean we've all been using sum or Microsoft teams, andyou know all this different. All these applications where we can new talk toeach other and use different things and you'll connect each other when we'renot really physically, like theare whats whats, a like doing a firtjol Gig,I mean and a'd like. What's it like preyping forone as well, I'm really interested in finding that out. That's funny becauseI've not got like a PA. My Gitara he's got a per n his house, so I is I'm anOu scill paof I used to see defy I'm like I'll, be up and Te'm pluting, myMike into the AP and then Ching to adjust it. You know t the CD player An,I think, but I've been doing lot like facebook live and sto like play it andjust kind of like put on the show Lik give it in real life, but it's totallydefinitely because you're not actually seeing relow people. I just like youknow, hat needs popping up and youre like so I still like deferend, but that'swhat we've got to do just now: Tusto Mais, that Madwell is when, before thepandamic hat, you obviously did gigs in Pearson, and you know it was, and youwent to talks with people and you know and get and performed in front of likeCrout and that what was it like beforehand, and what do you think youwill do once the pandemic? Can a dies don the bit? Is there anything you mighhave learned from doing Frirtul gigs and do not from that from taking fromin the past and then doing in the future? What do you hope to do whensopandamic like end and using the peppon for the those gigs and that that's a good passion actually no justthought that t's, a good one but m? I think because, like from going like from likethe big live audiences and stuff like that to like actuala screen as totallyyoure like strepping, it all Abouk- and I thing which is a good thing as failbecause like when you're doing achoustic gigs, I do like a lot of Emas Val. So it'squite cool because it kind of Gong from like all these big, like an songs tolike, like an acoustic shit back so wll be good as Weir like for the gigs,whenever the comeback to just remember... Im, I remember doing like thestepbark fashion of that song and on the life. Can I steam- and you can dothat Song Again, like you dad on that life team as like an acoustic kind ofsit kind of thing like tat, I'd be quitty, good yeah, because again you'resh? U Like, but the song and I good Deni an e, be like shiping back a sonLi, the Habby Song, a making at you all kind of things, so yeah, that's coolOll, just holt play te combat soon. I don't know when I'll be like. Hopefullyit ill be this year later on this year, it's hopefully we'll get gigs back andeocially distant wet hopeful. Do you feel like there is a lot of senopportunities and Dunde or music opportunities? And if not, how do youthink? How would you want to see this improve like like in the future yeah? I think there 's actually a lotof sing, an opportunities, an nol like gigquas and stuff like that, but Ithink it's just I feel like an I think, like you really need tolike. If youreally want to do it like a work, hard and focus and actually like put likeyourself more like out there, you know kind of like like it's not going tocome to you kind of thing, so you'll have to just kind of work, for it. Kindof e have done fom years and years like you just like push your sail and justdo different kind of gegs and stuff like that, and that's quite goodbecause you pouter a Gig and then you maybe meet someone day and Tyou'll say.Oh, I need you for, like my Gady's feftieth party and I just walk Andilike at kind of thing. You know that's pity, good and AL, so I think it's justlike, like I palke to another girl, and shewas like in Sa Ooly I've, never don a Songin, Fon Ofa pit before jus likethea ast, like Genasey, like Oh huts, just I know like also at forshippoinervisis like that, but just like him, after you've done at you'll, feelthat good, bause and you'll keep doing it s like that. If you really want todo and your passionate otick an of things o just keep on for, if youreally, I want to do that. I'm Lo e partiona about saying the music like,like so you've, released a few songs andlike yourself, how many, how many songs have you written and produced andreleased fail, Tatem on songs, yeah and some have been like collaborations- isfairly Noika, dchss, Zell, yeah, and and do you hope that you may want to release an EP or analbum as well? Is that something you may be think about in the future etlast yea least e like covers of them, because I thought you know a lot ofpeople like a different kind of variety music and I like into Tok the coversand change them to my own sal. So it's kind of like your own thank stamp on iYiu like it so but yeah. I think I've got like enough songs in that maybecouldnturn album again sto like that and yeah. Just keep writing Tus t liketha, don't want to put just say anything, just any old thing: Ou, youhave to be tol like yeah like this is whone. I want to be over it'sinteresting to you. Now talk about music at this time of crasis as well,because I'm really it's really good to talk with people who are producing Yuto treot the pandemic, and you know you've seen a lot of our S, who havereleased albums out of nowhere enjoyc Musicou of nowhere, and do you feellike hopefully the music industry as a hale are ou, hoping no to see it recoveredto a point where it's a wat better than it was beforethe pandemic, because it's Someon as a topic that I I've not really talkedabout that I'm really interested in talking to a singer like yourself andSeeng like that sort of stuff, I think actually, because it's PANDEICA lot ofpeople realizing that, like you know, like some people make excusetion like.Oh, I can't kind of come to see this guy go that Gig. I can't go and see alike music, because I'm doing this and the next thing, but I think no lookingback the Wesh that actually went to see like other music, I'm like Oh Tano, goand see watever bond and the town, Blah Blah Blah and then like the also likeZeo, like Mina, Ma, baby or whatever, but Thati play looking back, il be like.I wish actually like me time to go and see a like them, bhands and stuff likethat, and I think after this I think a lot of people will make time to go andsee like a lot of live music again, and I think illill feel that kind to together on Ess. Again, ifyou know, I feel like it hopefully and...', it's something that is quite especial toWlat of people, because music is something that a lot of people kind ofsee something of comfort and Olf. And you know a lot. A lot of things havebeen going on throughout this, and people have seen music as this kind ofamazing thing tisten to, and it's really it s really special. And I forsome of the for people who haven't done te and it's really interesting to see how clarar you know what yourself thatare doing stuff and and do you hope, tape kind ofsee. Th like you got what's interesting- is that I don't know ifyou're aware,but there's a new e sports Mina that could be coming to Dundee right,underseen as well. That could be used as a good music fenue as well. You think a stuff, something like thatwould be great for to contribute more to the music in the city as well,because it's not just ene sports woul not be also a music fenu if it comes tothe city. What's your thoughts, Ano Eai, think so of at's going to get peopleagain going to see you guys alive, music and geven singers and buns likeopportunities is faile to put on shows like every week about whenever, likethe can kind of thing, thatd be great good, because it's like again it'ssomeother venue and it's a shame on the cleric Fenu that sadly shot you on thispandemic, because that was the Colto Music Burg and ithing. So futhethes toopen and COM to Dundi that be quake ills, Bill AU, someone different yeahon nothingss excite you actually yeah is what face. Would you give tosomebody who, like you talke about you, started loving music at eight years old?What a face would you give to to somebody who's WHO's, who's, a whomay want a be involved in music and opportunities, and how would you tell them what would yousay to them? I would say just I would say like well,they're, probably a listening to music as like, I was litlisten in by it, thehouse and stuff, so I think just go for thet and just like keep sayging andalso opportunities at school or Notsity, O comeup whend. You want to like sayingjust see like oh can ilike Havis thing and tell people that you love sing andtell people that that' your passion or your dream, or your love as such andjust keep going in it and just put yourself out there and just keep sayngyeah. Hopefully I was Okayi meandifferent pieces ofe vices. Are youknow it's always good that mean I always like to ask my guest. What face?Would you give to this person that person, because it's Ait's always goodto see like because you have a lot of amazing people from Dunde who are doingncreible stuff? And you know it's really interesting to see what they'redoing and how they go to that position. So, if somebody who really wants to getinvolved in something that they're so passionate and t a young age to seewhat Soe, who has already been involved in that industry to AIT's, always goodto Youtell, ask the person who's already involved in that industry. Totell what advice would you get to you get them there, so its is ver its veryspecialty in order to have o that of that for t to ask a frdvice and it'sreally its really good. Thank you very much to dam me for thet interview andit'Sso people like Damy who mak the city way, is and there's a lot ofincredible people from dindy and I'm so proud to do this podcast and as we goon to create the anchocase. The next few people on this podcast- I justwanted to see something here. I want to say that Dundunians are amazing peopleand the fact that we have so many talented people in the city just makesme Protobe from Dundee. Myself is Mak. It makes me very pro to do what I do,because I have the reward to get in up. Shokisan Dunde Shokas and its amasingpeople to the entire world is a very rewardin to help the owner to speak toDendolians, who are doing these...

...amuseent stuff. So thank you very muchdamy and- and I can't wait to hear what you're going to do in the future andI'm looking forward to lasing what you do, and I also want to see to thepeople here listening if you laid the PODCAST, why not consider subscribingto dendecast on sportify apple, podcast and Chunin, and if you want to, if youlike, what I do and you like what o doing te the culture it wis and thepodcast remember to if you want to Donite to Dunthe culture on coffee, amontal donation or one of tenation. I would help me so much continue doingthe work that I do, and it means the Howorld to me that I hove the support.So thank you very much. I can wet to shoul ethe rest o these episodes thathave recorded and I'm wooking forward to sharing them with you and to play usout is try by Dami mckman, which you heard at the star. Thank you. Verinmuch and I'll see you in the next ypisode o e feeling of is s since T I E is Witjusti...

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